Daniel Munteanu

Editorial (for the printed version)

Daniel Munteanu

Die Sprachlichkeit des Seins. Theologische und philosophische Perspektiven

Gabriel Noje

The Human Being as Embodied Spiritual Being. Reflections on Human Corporeality as an Epiphany of the Person, in the Light of the Orthodox Anthropology and Spirituality

Constantin Claudiu Cotan

The role of the Typikon in the Organization of Byzantine Monasticism in the 11th Century

Loucas Leonkiewicz

The Legacy of Sergey Horzky, one of the greatest Russian Orthodox Religious Thinkers

Anna Rozonoer

4 Maccabees in the Georgian Bible: A Gem in the History of Biblical Canon "Ins and Outs"

Christoforos I. Chronis

Old Age: Blessing or Burden? Pastoral Care of Older Adults from an Orthodox Priest´s Perspective

Johannes Lähnemann

Encounter - Dialogue - Co-operation. Interreligious Learning in the Community