2/2 2011

Daniel Munteanu


Nicolae Moşoiu

The Paternity of God and the Gift of Adoptive Baptismal Filiation (pneuma uiotesia) - spiritus adoptionis filiorum (Romans 8,15)

Sergey A. Chursanov

"That They May Be One, as We are". The Significance of the Cappadocian Fathers´s Trinitarian Comprehension of the Divine Persons for the Theological Understanding of the Constitutive Features of Human Persons

John Anthony McGuckin

The Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Imperative

Theodor Damian

The Divine Trinity as Paradigme for Ideal Human Relationships: An Orthodox Perspective

Gunther Wenz

Der Eine, der Geist und die Seele - Plotins Lehre von den drei ursprünglichen Hypostasen nach Enneade V,1

George Zavershinsky

The Trinitarian "Trace" and the Divine Energies

Philip Tachin

A Critique of John Hick´s Christology and Reaffirmation of the Exclusiveness of Christ

Matthias Haudel

Trinitätstheologische Perspektiven für das Filioque-Problem und ekklesiologische Annäherungen

Ioan Tulcan

The place and the theological significance of God the Father in the Communion of the Holy Trinity according to Dumitru Stăniloae and Jürgen Moltmann 



Daniel Munteanu

Emmanuel Durand, Le Père Alpha et Oméga de la vie trinitaire

Richard Mammana

Irina Paert, Spiritual Elders. Charisma and Tradition in Russian Orthodoxy

Job Getcha

Basile Krivochéine, Mémoire de deux mondes. De la Révolution à l´Église captive

Daniel Munteanu

Emmanuel Durand, La périchorèse des personnes divines. Immanence mutuelle, réciprocité et communion