5/3 2014

Mihai Himcinschi


Irineu Pop

The Holy Eucharist - Source of Sanctifying Power and Sacrificial Love for God

Ana S. Iltis

Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century: Missing Links in the Golden Chain

Mark J. Cherry

Saints, Martyrs, and the Communist Prisons

Mihai Himcinschi

The Christian Martyria inside a Postmodern Society

Marian Vilciu / Ion I. Croitoru

The Receiving of the Divine Communion - Spiritual Need, Habit or Personal Choice

Ciprian Streza

The Holy Eucharist - Nourishment for the Eternal Life, and the Power to surrender one´s entire Life to God

Emil Jurcan

A comparative Study on Eucharist and the Sacred Foods of the Major Religions 

Oliviu Petru Botoi 

The Qur´anic Image of "the Table Descended from Heaven" - an Apocryphal Reproduction of the Biblical Eucharist

Leontin Popescu

The Eucharist as "Hermeneutical" Centre of the Sacramental Life of the Church

Elena Dulgheru

Serge Parajanov and Tengiz Abuladze: two Models of Anticommunist Testimony through Cinema in Soviet Georgia

Gavril Trifa

The Holy Eucharist as Fulfillment of the Human Person

Dorin Corneliu Opris

The Religious Experience Issues of the Members of Church Choirs. A Gender Analysis 

Petr Balcárek

Martyrdom of Orthodox Christians in Czechoslovakia (1945-1990) Some Preliminary Remarks, Typology and Ideas for Further Research


Reviews / Rezensionen

Ioan Filimon 

Mission in Christ´s Way. An Orthodox Understanding of Mission (Archbishop Anastasios Yannoulatos)


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